Welcome to Alloa!

Welcome to Alloa!

Welcome to Alloa!
I hope you all have had a lovely summer break! I am looking forward to all the exciting events and learning we will be doing this term!
Trainers are needed everyday for Golden Mile.
We have our PE lessons on a Tuesday morning and a Friday afternoon.
Homework is set on Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.
Congratulations Charlotte for winning the High Expectations values badge!
Well done Ritchie for being Miss Ovenden's 'Star Spotter' this week!
Here are some of the exciting things we will be doing this term:
  • Mummifying Fish
  • Learning all about fractions
  • Visiting the British Museum in London
  • Coming to school dressed as Egyptians for Egyptian Day
  • Reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes
  • Golden Mile and lots of sports
And so many more! We can't wait to tell you all about our exciting learning!