Swimming at Tower Hill

School Information

Academic Year 2021/22

Swimming sessions have been arranged for all children in Year4. Year 5 and Year 6 to take place in the Spring and Summer Terms.


Academic Year 2020/21

Swimming did not take place this financial year due to leisure centre closures (Covid)


Academic Year 2019/20

Programme completed Y2 – 100% of children developed confidence in the water. End of 8-Session Program 100%: Lv 1+(water confidence) 84%: Lv 2+ 46%: Lv 3 (swim ≥10m) Outcome: HIGH impact

Y4 – 72% of children have made progress within their level or have progressed into a higher level. Outcome: GOOD Impact


Academic Year 2018/19

Y6 Programme completed

An intensive 2 wk-8 session swimming programmed for 16 x Y6 pupils was delivered by 2 staff members instructing. 13/16 (81%) MET the DfE target criteria (inc. self-rescue & safety); thus, 26/29 (90%) left KSII having MET the DfE target criteria: +45% on-year improvement: Outcome: HIGH Impact