Wellbeing Activities For Children



Coronavirus Story

Below is a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler (suitable for 5-9 year olds)

This is free for children to create their own safe account. There is the opportunity for children to create an online mood diary, play online games including: 'Build your own happy place' and 'Tower of confidence'. There is a calm zone where children can copy yoga videos and breathing exercises. Finally children can gain quick and easy access to 1:2:1 counselling support.
This is an excellent place to find REAL up to date daily news. 
Make sleep your superpower! Scientists say children need at least nine hours of sleep every night to feel happy and stay healthy. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for happiness. If we have too little sleep, it can make us grumpy, easily upset and less able to concentrate and learn. It can also mean we want to eat sugary foods that aren’t good for us and make us less likely to want to exercise. 
Read the below top tips on setting a positive sleep routine. 
Scrap Book:
Read the 'How To Be Happy' scrap book story. Can you begin a Happy Scrapbook?
Many of the activities in the below book can help you be resilient. When you face difficulties, use the activities in the book.
You may be struggling at the moment with a range of different emotions, including worry, anxiety and uncertainty. To help cope with these why not create a worry jar and fill the jar with your worries instead of your head. 
Cosmic Kids
Follow the link below and have some fun joining in with a relaxing yoga session. 
Have a bit of fun by copying the dancers on I-Moves on the below link.