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SEN team
Here at Tower Hill we are fortunate to have an amazing team supporting our children and families.
First meet our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) Mrs C. Cartlidge. She has been with the school for many years supporting our children and families with special needs ensuring they get what the need to make progress here at Tower Hill.
Also in our SEN team is Mrs G. Meaney our Family Support link worker. Her role is to ensure that our families stay connected to the school and is there for support and advice to ensure that our children get the best start in life, where possible.
The last of our Special Needs team is Ms L. Hobbs our SEND support assistant and ELSA. Her role is to support children in need of emotional support, this ranges from anxiety to bereavement and much more.
Please contact Mrs Cartlidge on the school phone number: 01252 541786 or via email at