Welcome to Aspire


What the Children Do
Welcome to Aspire Class
At Tower Hill, we strive to be the very best versions of ourselves. We know that a sense of belonging and set routines help us to achieve this; please read Aspire's routines to help your child be part of the team.
Children in Year 5 are expected to read a minimum of three times a week, for at least 15 minutes each time. All children have access to a school library book as well as their Accelerated Reader book which has been matched to their reading ability. Please ensure that each time the children read, it is logged in their reading record with a date and a signature.  Where possible, we encourage children to read aloud and discuss what they have been reading with an adult.
PE Days:
Monday and Wednesday
Please ensure that your child comes to school on these days, wearing their PE kit-uniform and suitable footwear. Black Tower Hill PE jumpers are available from reception.
Outdoor Learning
We are fortunate to have a dedicated Outdoor Learning Teacher who will take the children every week. Please ensure they are dressed appropriately for the weather as this will change on a daily basis!
If you have any questions, please seek out a member of the Team.
Mrs. Baugh