Governor Profiles

School Information

Governors are elected for four years and can be re-elected. The names and pictures of the present Governors are given below, followed by a few words of introduction from each.
Miss Camilla Collins

Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Hi, I’m Camilla Collins and joined Tower Hill’s Governing Body in May 2018, stepping into the role of Chair as of Oct 2023. Having witnessed how children thrive within the school, I am immensely proud to be a part of Tower Hill. As an enthusiastic choir member with a keen interest in musical theatre, I love watching the school's productions and look forward to singing carols with the children - one of the highlights of my year!

With extensive experience in strategic consulting and team development across the energy industry, I relish contributing to and learning within the phenomenal environment of Tower Hill where children are equipped for life.

Mrs Nicola Ward

Deputy Headteacher & Co-opted Governor

Hi, I am Nicola Ward, the Deputy Headteacher at Tower Hill. I have been a member of staff for a number of years and am very proud to have seen the many changes that have taken place over those years to make our school the warm, welcoming place that it is. I have had a number of roles during my time here including Year 6 Class Teacher, Key Stage Two Leader and Assistant Headteacher before being appointed the Deputy Headtecher in 2019. Tower Hill is a truly wonderful place to work. We have a great teaching team and support staff as well as the most brilliant children.

Mr Kieran Collins

Assistant Headteacher and Co-opted Governor

I joined Tower Hill as Assistant Headteacher in September 2016 and have been an Associate Member of the Governing Body since September 2017, having served as a Governor at my previous school for six years. I am a sports enthusiast and enjoy working to provide the children with a wide range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

Mr Mark Whitehead

Co-opted Governor, Chair of F&P and Pay

My name is Mark Whitehead and I have been a member of the governing body for 14 years. During that time, there have been lots of changes at Tower Hill, for example the school has doubled in size with twice as many pupils now compared to 2009! Despite all the changes, one thing has been constant and that’s the dedication of the entire team who work tirelessly to ensure we offer every pupil the opportunity to achieve the best version of themselves. All my four children loved their time at Tower Hill and benefitted massively from the nurturing and interesting environment.
Giving every child, regardless of background, chances in life is something I am really passionate about. I think this stems from my own upbringing. My dad went from being a coal miner in the North of England to creating his own successful business here in Farnborough. I was the first person in my family to go to university and eventually became an accountant and tax advisor, also with my own businesses in and around the South East. I believe our school provides a great platform for our children’s futures, ensuring that the curriculum is filled with opportunities for all.
Over the years I’ve had different responsibilities as governor and was Chair from 2012 to 2017. I try to use my business and financial skills in my work as a governor to the benefit of all at Tower Hill. I am currently Chair of the Finance and Personnel Committee, whose role is to ensure the school uses its money wisely. I am also the Pupil Premium Governor. It is hugely rewarding work, and I feel so privileged to be part of the school’s story.
Outside of work and school I spend most of my time gardening, cycling or watching sport (either live or on TV!!!)

Mr Owen Gardner

Local Authority Governor

I’m Owen, and I joined the governing body at the start of the 2015 school year, when my eldest son joined the school. I work in the delivery of software and IT services, and am keen to use my experience and industry contacts to support the development of the school’s capabilities through the Governing Body.

Mr Terry Genis

Co-opted Governor, Chair of Premises

Hi, I am Terence Genis and I became a Governor in 2001 when my daughter was in Year 3 at Tower Hill. Over the years I have had a spell as Chair of the Governing body and chaired the Premises Committee. Although it is many years since I visited the school on a daily basis with my children, I am lucky to see the changes and improvements to the school. As Governors we choose the Headteacher and I hope you agree that we’ve made a couple of good choices to lead the school.

I have lived near Cove Green since I moved here many years ago. We have a dog called Beans so I am often seen getting mine and his exercise. I am a 'man in a shed' (actually three sheds!), but I do come out to help my wife grow vegetables on our allotment, and so I am very impressed by the work in the school's Eco-Hub. I enjoy watching football and I support my home town, Reading.

Before I retired, I was a town planner at Rushmoor Borough Council. My work was about the future of the area and our children are very much part of that future, so I will continue to see as important that they get the best of schooling in readiness to deal with life.

Miss Laura Ovenden


I am Laura Ovenden, Headteacher and a Governor at our school. I have been a member of staff at Tower Hill for many years now and have seen it go through several positive changes. At the beginning of my career I spent a number of years teaching in the Early Years classroom which I loved as the children are so eager and enthusiastic about learning. Looking for a new challenge I became Early Years and Key Stage Manager at Tower Hill which I enjoyed greatly before being appointed as Deputy Headteacher by the previous Headteacher, Linda Tansley. This role led to me having greater experience in the Key Stage 2 classroom which was extremely rewarding and fun. I feel immensely proud of the achievement of being part of an amazing team that contributed in us gaining 'Outstanding' status by Ofsted in October 2011 but mostly feel lucky to work every day with inspiring and talented young people that we have here at our school. I enjoy reading novels and frequently like to go to the cinema or theatre in my free time.

Mrs Agnieszka Sasiela

Vice Chair of Governors

Hello, my name is Agnieszka. I am also known as Agi. I was given an opportunity to join the Tower Hill Primary School Governing Body in October 2021.

I am a mum of two boys. My older boy is currently at Tower Hill Primary School in Year 1. My younger boy attends preschool, and if our application is considered positively, he will join Tower Hill Primary School in Year R in September 2022.

I work full time as contracts manager for a construction company. My education and work experience background are supply chain management, compliance and ethics in business, national content in less developed countries, contracts management, and industrial engineering. In a free moment (rare, but possible) I read books, sew cloths, learn to play piano, and ride my motorbike.

I have been very impressed with Tower Hill Primary School since we did our research for our older boy. This would not be possible without the commitment and enthusiasm of the school staff. I have joined the Governing Body to offer my skills and experience, and to support them in whatever way I can. I am passionate about kids’ development and opportunities to explore, which I truly believe Tower Hill Primary School offers.

Mr Nick Brown

Vice Chair of Governors

Hi, I’m Nick Brown and I joined the Governing Body at Tower Hill in October 2021 and feel immensely proud to form part of this Ofsted rated outstanding school.

I have 2 daughters who started and continue their education journey at Tower Hill and during their time at the school I have observed how they have benefitted enormously from the care and expertise of the committed and high quality staff.

Professionally I work as a senior leader within a Financial Services company, and I am keen to use my financial and strategic skills to help support staff to ensure that the decisions relating to the running of the school lead to the best possible outcomes for all the children. I am passionate that the pupils of Tower Hill continue to receive an outstanding education, preparing them for the years ahead.

Mrs Helen Kinal

Parent Governor

My name is Helen Kinal and I have been a Parent Governor since 2020. I have two children. My son is now at secondary school having gone through Tower Hill for all of his primary career and my daughter is in Year 5, she has also been at Tower Hill since her reception year. Throughout their years at the school, I have been so impressed at how enthusiastic the staff are about the children’s development, both learning and socially. In my day job I work for a trade union, representing members both individually and collectively. Before that I was a forensic scientist, having studied chemistry at university.

Miss Emma Dinsdale

Staff Governor

Hi, I am Emma Dinsdale, one of the Assistant Headteachers at Tower Hill. I have worked at the school since the beginning of my teaching career and have had a number of roles. I started out as a Year 1 teacher, then moved to Year 3 and have now been teaching Year 6 for the past 6 years. I have also been KS2 Leader and was appointed Assistant Headteacher in 2020. Whilst I love being in the classroom, my passion is English, the development of Teaching and Learning and helping our children have the best experience of school that they possibly can.
Tower Hill is a fantastic school with a brilliant staff team and most importantly the most incredible children.

Mrs Laura Mace

Parent Governor

Hi, I’m Laura. I have been an elected Parent Governor since October 2021 and have two children at Tower Hill. I am also the Wellbeing Governor so focus on the wellbeing of all individuals at the school, both the children and the staff.

I have been a qualified Adults Social Worker for 13 years and hope to be able to use my experience to help work alongside the brilliant staff at Tower Hill Primary School with safeguarding policies and promoting wellbeing amongst the pupils.

I initially applied to be a governor as I wanted a chance to get more involved with the school and have more insight into what our children do at the school. My favourite part of the role is doing the visits and meeting with the children, they are a fantastic bunch and I always leave the visits with a smile on my face.