Wembley Stadium 2019
On Saturday 4th May, Team Tower Hill visited Wembley Stadium to watch the Women's FA Cup Final. Click on the picture below to find out more!

When the Year 6 parents came to maths club....

 Year 6 are very busy preparing for their SATs tests at the moment so we decided to invite the parents to our after school maths club so that they could see all the exciting and fun ways we learn maths. The group took part in a maths challenge where a treasure chest was missing and the children had to use their mathematical knowledge to find the hidden treasure. We all had a brilliant time and the children absolutely loved having their adults there with them. Thank you so much to all the adults who came!

YR Duckling Hatching April-May 2019
We are so excited about the hatching of our 6 little ducklings! One hatched on Thursday afternoon, four overnight and the sixth on Friday afternoon. We are so looking forward to looking after them and teaching them to swim next week!

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