This is Me!


What the Children Do
Key Stage 1 entered a Young Writer's competition where they had to write an acrostic poem about themselves and the things that are important to them. They were all selected to be published in a book!
Read some of Petronas Class' fantastic poems below.

Christmas is fun

Happy every year

Running in the snow

In the snow I made a snowman

Skating on the ice

Trying to put on lights

Merry Christmas Santa

And then the next day

Santa comes




Dinosaurs can be awesome

Incredible dinosaurs are huge

Now dinosaurs are extinct

Omnivores eat two things

Scary dinosaurs are harmless

Ankylosaurus have spikes

Ugly dinosaurs are creepy

Rare dinosaurs are cool

See I told you they were awesome




Hamsters are cute

All hamsters are fluffy

My hamster was white and brown

Soft fur

Tiny tails

Eating cucumber

Run fast


More maths makes learning

Always right in my book

Teachers help me learn

Hope I get it right

Sometimes I make mistakes


Important to try my best

Say before you write


Fantastic work for my teachers

Understand my learning

Numbers make me smile




Belong in my school

Everybody is special

Let love shine through

Only respect the world

No is an incorrect word to say

Good words are nice to say

I have some things that belong to me

Nice things

Going to school is where I belong




Ezekiel is my name

Zoo animals make me happy

Elemental is my favourite movie

Kindness makes me happy

I love playing on my tablet

Everybody is my friend

Love and respect one and other