Bletchley Park


What the Children Do

On Tuesday, we visited Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park is an English country house near Milton Keynes: they worked on decoding German messages. The work done at Bletchley Park had to be kept a secret for approximately 25 years. When we got to Bletchley, we had done a workshop about the German Enigma. We were lucky enough to each touch the keys on the machine. After that, we explored the mansion (which is where they did the de-coding). In the Manner house, we went to the library, the office of commander Denniston, ballroom and a room that had information about the past workers. Whilst in the library, we embossed a stamp on our leaflet that we have been given at the start at the start of the trip. Next, we went into different huts. When we went to hut 8, we discovered the office of Alan Turing- who was a famous cryptanalyst. Did you know Alan Turing chained his mug to the radiator since it was his favourite cup and didn’t want anyone to steal it? It also kept his tea warm. We had lots of fun, we would definitely recommend going to Bletchley Park.

Written by Leah, Milly and Freya.