We Are All Math-gical!

In Year Three, we are working really hard in our maths lessons! We are learning how to add and subtract using the formal written method as well as practising our times tables. We have also been learning about bar charts and decided to make our own! If you would like to help us at home, here are some activities!
Addition and Subtraction
We have worked hard this week on adding and subtracting three digit numbers, writing our equations and answers into a column method. 
Here are some games that we can play at home to help improve our addition and subtraction!
Times Tables
By the time we leave year three, everybody needs to feel confident with their times tables. We complete a weekly times table challenge to win our bronze sparkle badges and we listen to catchy songs in the classroom. If you would like to help us with our times tables, there are some links below ...
When your child reaches Year 4, they will be taking part in a times table check. If you would like to practise with your child, then please use the link below.
Here are some links to some fun times table games that we can play at home. I wonder if you can beat us?