Tudor Day

On Monday 9th November, Eiffel Class were lucky enough to take part in a Theatre Exchange Workshop, which focused on the Tudors, as a part of our Tudor Day. We were able to share some of our excellent historical knowledge and we learnt lots of new information, that we will explore further in class. 
As you know, the children came to school dressed as Tudors and they looked absolutely amazing! 
We looked at different Tudor Monarchs in chronological order, focusing on particularly important Monarchs throughout the Tudor reign, such as Henry VIII and Mary I. We were given the opportunity to train like actors (warming up or voices and bodies), taking on the role of different characters and take part in some whole class drama, by taking on the role of angry mobs and different entertainment for the Royals. 
In the afternoon, we spent time taking part in an enquiry activity around different Tudor artefacts. We spent time talking about how we know the different artefacts were from Tudor times, using our knowledge of Tudor life. 
We had an excellent day, starting off the second half of the Autumn Term in a great way.