Helpful information for Parents and Guardians

There are lots of places that you as parents and guardians can visit online to help with your child's E-Safety Education.
At Tower Hill we want children to be reminded about E-Safety at home as much as possible as sometimes it's difficult to think about what you've been taught at school in relation to how to keep yourself safe online.
Here are some helpful links:
UK Safer Internet Centre:
Here you have access to an advice centre, hotline/helpline and can see what children of any age should be taught about being safe online.
NSPCC Online Safety:
Here you have access to articles and information about how to talk to your children about keeping safe online as well as what to look out for if you suspect something isn't going as it should.
Think U Know:
Here is a great website for you to use with your child. There are videos specifically targeted to different age ranges to ensure that they are only covering things that are age appropriate.