Harry Potter Reviews

5 Stars

A Magical Experience

It is worth a visit!

Date of experience:

18th November 2019

Harry Potter World showed us how Harry Potter films were made. It had most of the sets and props that they used in the films. I really enjoyed my trip to Harry Potter World. The thing that I loved the most was playing with the Xbox Dobby where you could control it with your own movement. I would recommend this trip to teenagers and adults, as some children might find the creatures too scary.



5 stars

A Magical School Trip

A place you must go to!

Date of experience:

18th November 2019

Harry Potter World is about all of the Harry Potter films. We learnt lots of interesting facts such as: it took the construction crew 8 weeks to build a small scale Hogwarts that they used for filming. I liked visiting the Forbidden Forest as we got to see huge spiders that dangled from the ceiling. Another highlight of the trip was when we got to see the dragon at Gringotts bank. The dragon looked like it was moving towards you! I would recommend this visit to anyone who likes Harry Potter and wants to find out more.