Watching our school change

23rd May 2016 - The roof tiles are being laid.
6th May 2016 - The windows have been fitted and the roof tiles are ready and waiting!
21st April 2016 - The brick work has begun!
12th April 2016 - Our brand new outside gym is open for business!!
12th April 2016 - Second installation of the roof, while the bricks lay in wait!
23rd March 2016 - The first installation of the roof is almost complete!
21st March 2016 - Our new outside gym!
21st March - The building work continues
15th March - The outside gym equipment arrives!
29th February 2016 - The sun shines down and reveals the size and shape of our new building.
26th January 2016 - The steel work is taking shape!
20th January 2016 - The steel work has begun!
14th January 2016 - Laying the foundations
11th December 2015 - Goodbye Tutorial Block!
23rd October 2015 - Tower Hill before the expansion