Tudor Dolls

This term, Eiffel Class are enjoying their opportunity to learn how to mould and combine different materials to make Tudor style Fabric Mute Dolls, with Mrs Tansley.  The children each begin with a cylinder made from chicken wire which they shape to make the base of their doll.  They then use tissues and wallpaper paste to build layers onto the base and begin to give the dolls a female shape. Bands of cotton sheeting are then coated in the paste and placed over the top of the tissue body.  Next, the children sew, using running stitch to make a skirt, sleeves and collar.  Once these are finished it is time to use the wallpaper paste again as each piece of fabric has to be coated before it can be added to the doll.  After the dolls are dressed the children use pins to adjust their outfits until they are happy with how they look and then the fabric is given time to dry into a fixed position.  Then the dolls are taken to the boiler house to dry out.  The finished dolls are now on display in the New Tower. Please come and have a look if you can!