Attaining Highly Writing Event

27th November 2018
Today at Tower Hill, we were joined by 28 children from local schools to participate in a writing event. The children were chosen as they have all been identified as Attaining Highly Writers. 
The children arrived in school to find an over-sized bunch of antique keys which appeared to be magic - these keys led us to 'magic' keys scattered around an eerie, secret garden. The children used their senses to write about what they could see, hear and feel as they peered through the keyhole of the strange, wooden gate. 
Take a look at the photos and examples of work below to see the fantastic outcomes produced by the children from Year 3 and Year 4. 

In the distance, there was a mysterious, gnarled wooden gate. It looked unknown and undiscovered. Who knew what lurked inside? A tiny antique key hung on a nearby branch. Reaching out, I caught it and approached cautiously towards the keyhole. I inserted the tiny key and turned it - turned it as slow as a snail. Unfortunately, the gate was locked so there was no way inside. But I would not give up. Luckily, I had a plan B.

Peering inside the keyhole, a magical world lay before me. There was a plethora of emerald bushes and a great pillar standing tall. A small white stone hid a frowning man. To the left, an ancient castle with creaking windows stood grandly. My heart beat fast as I thought ‘that is a beautiful castle!’

What else would I find inside?


Tower Hill



As I   hesitantly   stepped near  the  ancient, wooden gate, I looked through the keyhole. What lay before me  was like a Greek  pillar with Brazilian grass covering the top like a huge spiky carpet .I opened the door and ventured into the unknown world . I saw a little girl hiding behind some bushes as if there was danger out in the open. The mist, which was covering the garden, looked as if it was hiding a secret, a secret which nobody knew about… All comfort began to drain from my body and my heart started beating as fast as a horse galloping. Then a thought struck me: what  was the girl so scared about? 


All Saints



As I doubtfully peered through the rusty, old keyhole, my hairs were standing on end and my heart was pounding. I saw a spooky stone pillar. Plants were scattered everywhere as far as I could see. I could see leaves falling onto the uneven, hilly land. On the ground, blossom lay like a delicate, pink blanket. As the wind sped across the river, huge tides were formed. All the comfort drained from me. The more I looked, the more I l felt terrified.

How would you feel if you were here?      

Elvetham Heath




As I quietly approached the rusty keyhole, I began to shift uncomfortably. Anxiously I peered through it. I saw a towering, ancient pole covered with ivy. There were people scrambling near emerald bushes. On opposite sides of the garden, hiding in bushes, there were magical dragon shaped statues. What was this strange, mystical place...?



As I peered through the fascinating, rusty keyhole, I saw a little fairy that was perched on a colossal tree. She had long, flowing, glossy hair that blew in the freezing cold wind. She had dainty, turquoise shoes with a little pompom on the edge of each toe. An ancient pillar stood as straight as a soldier in the middle of this mysterious place. Suddenly I looked over to the other side of this crazy place, realising that I hadn’t looked at it properly at all…


St. Josephs