Winchester Science Centre STEM Project


What the Children Do
Year 4 have had the amazing opportunity to work with Winchester Science Centre! We have had Science shows and some amazing workshops! See below for updates!
Week 1

We had a Science show in the morning where we were able to watch different experiments involving carbon dioxide and how it is affecting the ocean. We enjoyed watching the sea water change colour as it became more acidic. Later on in the afternoon, we carried out an experiment which would help us decide what material would be best to make a satellite with, so it doesn't overheat if it gets too close to the sun. We used special lamps to act as the sun. 


Week 2

Year 4 were very lucky to have two workshops with the Winchester Science Centre. In the first work shop, we practise coding sound with Microbits. When we shook our Microbit a sound would come out. During the second workshop we made rockets to hold our engines (water bottles), so we could launch them across the playground.


Week 3
Using recycled materials, Year 4 began planning and making their own satellites. We had to follow a set of criteria when making our satellite. For example, it had to have solar panels, a main bus, antenna and removable heat shield. 
Week 4
After creating our satellites, Skylon were able to show off all our hard work, through the testing phase and the Science Fair in the afternoon. Our satellites were tested to see if their structure was strong enough to be launched into space by a rocket, using a shake table. Additionally, we carried out an experiment to see how well it would reflect heat from the Sun, using special heat lamps, acting as the Sun.
In the afternoon, we were able to show off our hard work to some Year 6's, and they voted which satellite was their favourite. Not only were we able to show off to the Year 6s, but also some STEM Ambassadors and counsellors.