Winchester Cathedral


What the Children Do
On Tuesday 8th March, we visited Winchester Cathedral to support our history topic on the  Anglo- Saxons. During our visit, we got to explore Winchester Catherdral and learn all about its History. We then took part in two workshops, an Anglo-Saxon workshop where we created our own shields to fight in battle. We had to think about what images we would include on our shields, and which colours would best fit. Our second workshop was an Archeology workshop, where we became archeologists and dug up artefacts in the sand. We had to be very careful so as not to damage the artefacts. We used brushes to gently scrape the sand away. 
We all had an amazing day and certainly learnt lots of new, exciting things that will help us with our Historical journey. 
We had a tour around Winchester Cathedral, learning all about the history of this magnificent place. 
We became archeologists and found different Anglo-Saxon artefacts buried in the sand. 
We created our own Anglo-Saxon shields, thinking carefully about what the images and colours represent.