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Here at Tower Hill we are committed to increasing the physical activity and competitive sporting opportunities for our children. Through our Physical Education curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities, we hope to embed the 'spirit' of sportsmanship by promoting the School Games Values. Every half term children from each class are nominated by their teachers to receive the Sportsmanship Award for showing commitment to these values.
Tower Hill Sportsmanship Award 2019/20
  Autumn  Spring 1 Spring 2  Summer 1  Summer 2 
 Sears  Alan        
Blackpool Harriet         
Spinnaker  Ben        
Canton  Faariha        
Petronas  Alyssia        
Alloa  Aaron        
Macau  Alex        
Petrin  Sam C        
 Skylon  Abby        
 Aspire Kayla         
Eiffel  Sam        
Wainhouse  Josh