Science Rocks!


What the Children Do
Our topic this half term is all about rocks. We looked at three different properties as part of our investigation:
  1. How hard is the rock?
  2. Is the rock waterproof?
  3. Does the rock react to acid?
We used an igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock as part of our investigation and found out that igneous rock was the hardest. Metamorphic rock was the softest as, when we rubbed it with sand paper, we saw the rock wearing away.
We then poured water onto each rock to see whether it was permeable or impermeable. We noticed that igneous rock was impermeable as it did not absorb any water but metamorphic rock did take in the water.
Finally, we poured stinky vinegar over each rock to test whether it would change its state. The chalky type of rock started to bubble! 
It was really interesting - Rock on!