Science - Materials


What the Children Do
Our Science unit this half term is all about materials. We have been identifying materials around us as well as completing a range of investigations about different materials. Here is what we have been up to! 
We were challenged in our Science lesson to find a waterproof material in order to create a new suit for Traction Man! We used pom poms, wrapped in different materials, and dunked them in water to test whether they kept the pom pom dry or not. We measured whether the pom pom was wet or dry and we changed which material we used. Look at us experimenting!
We also looked at how materials can change shape by investigating their properties. We were given a range of materials and we were asked to bend, stretch, twist and squash different things. We then had to test whether they stayed in that shape or not. We really enjoyed eperimenting with the playdough!