What the Children Do
On Thursday 4th November, we took part in National Outdoor Learning Day.
We used all of our hard work learning about figurative language to help us write 'poetree' inspired by the trees in our playground and school grounds!
First, we chose a leaf and brainstormed lots of fantastic vocabulary using our five senses to describe it. After drawing the leaf on the ground in chalk, we wrote all of our words and phrases inside to create a leaf-shaped calligram poem!
We went back to the tree we chose our leaf from, and each person in our small groups wrote one line of poetry using the tree as inspiration. We then decided which order all of our lines sounded best in... have a look at some of our beautiful autumn poems below!
Bobby, Angelisha, Declan and Katy
The leaves dance in the wind, hanging on the branches
They're as green as emeralds
They crunch under my feet
Autumn is surely coming
Bradley, Mishal, Phoebe and Jacob
The roots of the tree look like tentacles,
The leaf hangs peacefully on the tree like a bat,
The branches hold 100 legs as thin as twigs,
When I walked on the floor, leaves crunched under my feet