Pizza Express


What the Children Do
To link with our Food Technology and Geography Units of work, during the Spring half term, we visited Pizza Express in Aldershot. During the morning, we got to learn about the importance of hygiene when cooking. We learnt about the different ingredients which go into an Italian classic: the Margherita Pizza, and where these ingredients originate from. 
After learning about the ingredients, we got to make our own pizza. 
Step 1: We had to wash our hands before touching the ingredients.
Step 2: We had to spread our dough out so that we had a flat base, a crust and no air pockets. 
Step 3: We then had to spread the marinana sauce around the dough evenly. We were shown a clever way of doing this, but lots of use used spoons because it was easier. 
Step 4: We were then given some cheese. We sprinkled as much cheese as we wanted around our pizza. 
Step 5: We then had to wait for the pizza to cook in a special pizza oven. Once cooked, all the cheese had melted and it smelt amazing!