Outdoor Learning


What the Children Do

Year 1 have been learning about the history of Tower Hill Primary School. They learnt that the oldest part of the school is 102 years old. Next, they aged the trees within the school grounds to find out if any of the trees were the same age or older!

They worked out that the tallest tree is over 130 years old. Next, they used their art skills to sketch the oldest tree.

Why don't you have a go at measuring the age of a tree near your home, here are the instructions.


How to age a tree:

1.Using string, measure the girth at 1 metre above the ground.
2.Find the girth by measuring the piece of string in centimetres.
3.Divide the number of centimetres by 2.5 (if the tree is in an open space)
4.The answer is the approximate age of the tree!