Osmington Bay - The Review


What the Children Do

Last week was the best week ever - there was no school!  At Osmington Bay, my favourite activity was archery my accuracy grew with every shot I fired.  Also, I learned how to control my fear of heights which will help me in the future.  One thing that I really, really want to do again is fencing, it’s so fun.  I would like win a tournament because the one I did, I was out on the first round but I had fun and that’s all that matters.  We also had a disco which was not what I thought, but fun we danced all night before the day where we went back home to Farnborough.


Last week was the most exiting week ever! We went to PGL at Osmington bay in Weymouth. Our PGL instructors name is Tarl. We did lots of fun activities! My favourite activity was the zip wire because it was so fun and it went fast. A new skill I have learnt is rifle shooting, the rifles were heavy and hard to put pellets into. The first activity we did was raft building. I didn’t like it because our raft fell apart and almost everyone fell into the cold deep water. Then we showered, had dinner and played ambush. It was so fun! It was like hide and seek but if you were found the team that found you would shout ambush but if that team walked past and didn’t find your team you can shout ambush. I also liked dragon boating, fencing and archery. The beach walk and sensory trail was fun but definitely not one of my favourites. I didn’t like Jacobs ladder because the higher I went the bigger the gap between the bars were. On Wednesday night, we had a campfire and ate roasted marshmallows. On Thursday night we had a disco and danced to songs. I would do the dragon boating again because it was so fun and I loved it.


Last week was the best thing in year 6 (maybe even the best thing in Tower Hill)! On the way there –worst 2 hours of my life – I sat with Daniel. The coach drive felt like it went on for years! But at least I bought activities to make it go a little bit quicker. I didn’t bring much, only. When we got there we were taken to our rooms and we found out who we were sharing a room with. I shared a room with Teigan, Daniel and Jacob. My best friends! After that, we were told to pack dry clothes to change into because we were doing … RAFT BUILDING!

We got put into groups that were going to be the same for the rest of the week. I wasn’t with Daniel or Jacob but at least I was with Teigan. We built a raft and it actually floated on the water! After that we got in the water, swam back and went to the changing rooms to get dry. Then we got on the coach and went back to the PGL. When we got there, we had dinner and then we did are evening activity – Ambush.

The next day we did dragon boating (I was on the blue dragon boat) my group even had a war with red boat. The only disappointing thing was that there wasn’t any dragon heads on the boats. 

My favourite part was the giant swing because I went all the way up and it was so much fun. The worst part was the boring coach drive that lasted years all you could do was look out a window. A new skill I learnt was archery, the further back you pull it the more accurate your shot will be.

If I could do something differently I would choose a different rifle for the first time; I want to change that because the rifle I chose was broken. The week was really fun and I never wanted it to end.


Last week was the most fun week. My favourite activity was the giant swing. When we got there we had lunch and we got to our rooms -  my room number 229. We had to get spare clothes because we made rafts.  If we fell in we had to swim back to land.  The water was ice cold and then we got dried.


Last week was the best week ever! We went to PGL at Osmington Bay. When we arrived we met our instructor, Tarl. He showed us our rooms, which by the way were at the top of the hill, where we put our suitcases down and got a bag ready for our next activity which was raft building. At raft building we had to learn a few knots and tie barrels to metal poles to keep it all together. After we played on the rafts for a bit. I only fell off once! After that we took a shower and went for dinner, then we played a game called ambush after we had some downtime and went to bed.

The next day, I woke up to somebody in the room saying lawnmower at six in the morning in the room next to us! We went for breakfast, did our day activities and went to bed and repeated that for the last few days. On the last day we did archery and fencing had lunch and went home.

My favourite activity was giant swing and rifle shooting because I made Miss Dinsdale scream and I nearly hit bullseye.


Last week was the most thrilling week I’ve ever experienced of my time at Tower Hill so far! On Tuesday, we went on a 2 hour 30 minutes coach ride to PGL at Osmington Bay. Once we arrived, we did raft building, which is my favourite activity. We were the only group to reach the end but, unfortunately, the raft collapsed and everyone fell off (except for Amelia who somehow, magically stayed on)! There was so much screaming, crying and water splashing everywhere, it was like the Titanic! Someone’s shoe fell off and Charlotte and I had to swim and retrieve it! A small group of us (including me and Charlotte) had to swim back to shore while some other were fished out and saved. We had life jackets so no-one died or got seriously injured (sadly, I wish it was more dramatic).

The worst part of the week was on Friday when I bruised my leg. We were doing sensory trail, which was really fun and one of my favourite activities, until I crashed into a wood block (I think it was a wood block, I couldn’t see) and hurt my leg very badly.

An activity I would love to do again would be fencing. It was so fun!

I hope I can go on a trip as fun as this one again!