Osmington 2022


What the Children Do
Last week was impeccable. Probably – or most certainly- the best week I’ve had at Tower Hill School. We went to a place called PGL where we did lots of amazing activities and got to admire the lovely view of Dorset. My favourite activity was the giant swing. I went all the way to the top, and as I went down my stomach felt funny, but as soon as I went down I was having so much fun! I think this activity required bravery to go all the way to the top. My second favourite activity was dragon boating because it was super fun to row the boat. Another skill I learned was how to aim and how to get more accurate shots during archery. I think the activity I disliked the most was the sensory trail. But it was still lots of fun. Finally, if I was given the chance to go to PGL again, I’d probably go higher on the Jacob’s ladder. I think I could have done better, but I just got a bit scared.
Last Tuesday I went to Osmington Bay where PGL is, I had lots of fun but there was one amazing activity the giant swing. The giant swing was really fun because it got me to not be scared of heights. One activity taught me that hardwork, helping and teamwork always gets where you want and that’s the Jacobs ladder. That ladder was really high and I got patnered up with two girls to get up the ladder. I did not like the beach walk because we had to go down and up the stairs (which was really tiring) some bits where fun like throwing the stones for skimming. I really enjoyed my week.