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Music Policy



At Tower Hill School we value Music because we believe it is a powerful and unique form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. It also increases self-discipline and creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and fulfilment. We believe all children have the right to share in the music of their own and other cultures as part of a broad and balanced curriculum that raises their awareness of the world around them. Music education should provide a balanced programme of musical activities for pupils’ participation and enjoyment. The curriculum should encompass a wide range of singing and instrumental work, reflecting music of different times and places.


Our Main Aims:

v  To foster children’s sensitivity to, and their understanding and enjoyment of, music, through an active involvement in listening, performing, composing and appraising.

v  To ensure a broad musical repertoire which takes into account the children’s needs and abilities.

v  To enable children to extend their musical experience and understanding through the experience of a wide range of musical styles and traditions.

v  To develop and extend children’s musical skills involved in performing, composing, listening and appraising.

v  To encourage children to appreciate how the elements of music create moods and feelings.

v  To enable all our children to realise their individual creative potential and to express themselves through music.

v  To give all children the opportunity to gain personal skills including self-confidence, self-esteem, self-motivation and personal satisfaction whilst participating in musical activities.

v  To enable children to develop social skills through making music together, e.g. co-operation and respect for each other's work and ideas.


Teaching and Learning


  •   A whole school curriculum map will show how the different elements will be covered.
  •   Using a whole school approach to planning, continuity and progression will be assured across the Foundation Stage, Key Stage I and Key Stage II.
  •   Medium Term Planning will fall broadly in line with The Hampshire Music service Manager’s Handbook.
  •   All pupils will experience a class based musical activity every week.
  •   All pupils will be offered the opportunity to take part in instrumental tuition provided by peripatetic teachers and will be charged in accordance to Hampshire County Policy in conjunction with our own Charging Policy.


SEND and Differentiation
Musical activities are particularly effective in the education of children with learning difficulties of any kind, ranging from physical to social to emotional problems.  Music is broad and ‘open-ended’, providing opportunities to solve problems, to work independently, to work as a group and to be responsible for self-regulation.  Most musical activities work well as class lessons and are appropriate for all children of any ability.


Where pupils have special educational needs and/or disabilities which are not identified as being learning difficulties but require other special provision (e.g. technological aids) then we will as a school endeavour to make provision.


Pupils demonstrating above average participation and/or excellence in either singing or instrumental skills will be identified on the school’s Attaining Highly Register.



  •   Where possible, a cross-curricular topic-led approach will be used, which will be supplemented by ‘The Voices Foundation’ programme, ‘Listen2me’ programme and materials from the Hampshire Music Service to ensure coverage of the whole curriculum.
  •   Pupils will have opportunities to use ICT equipment, including recording equipment such as Easi-speaks, CD players, digital and video camera, software, computers and Apps on Ipads.
  •   Extra-curricular activities will be available from peripatetic teachers, including a range of group instrumental lessons from the Hampshire Music Service.
  •   Music will be used to support Collective Worship and in regular whole school singing practice.
  •   Where appropriate, the Hampshire Music Service will be asked to support the school.
  •   Throughout the year, children will be given performance opportunities that will involve and develop further their musical skills (school/class assemblies, Christmas and end of year productions, concerts etc.).
  •   Appropriate differentiation, when required, will enable all our children to access the Music curriculum.
  •   Assessment opportunities will be identified in each unit of work in order to track pupil progress.
  •   Children will be taught Music by their class teacher, supported, where appropriate, by the Music Leader, peripatetic teachers and /or the Hampshire Music Service.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Staff will annotate and evaluate plans and this will be used to inform future planning. The Music Leader will collate findings and maintain the subject folder.  The Music Leader will take part in pupil conferencing. Staff will annotate assessment documents and this information will be reviewed and collated by the Music Leader to inform and ensure progression of skills across the school.


Teachers will report annually to parents about children's development and progress in Music. Peripatetic teachers will report annually to parents about pupil progress in instrumental lessons.



The range of resources is outlined in the Music Leader’s file. All classes will have open access to tuned and non-tuned instruments stored centrally in the dedicated Music Room. Teachers are encouraged to use a wide range of instruments in their Music lessons and across the curriculum e.g. sound effects in Literacy, accompaniment to Drama activities.Foundation Stage classes may have a set of instruments in their classroom when appropriate to the current theme of work.


Health and Safety

All activities are conducted in accordance with the Hampshire Education Authority’s guidance, as set out in the document ‘Health and Safety in Music’ and can also be found in the school’s Health and Safety Policy.


Parents/Carers and the Wider Community

Parents/Carers will be invited to a variety of performances. The Music Leader will ensure appropriate information is shared with parents.


Staff Development

The school will enable all staff to undertake professional development to ensure that Music is appropriately delivered and co-ordinated.


Review and Evaluation of Policy

The evaluation process will serve the basis for planning programmes of action and targeting time, support and resources.


This policy will be reviewed on a three year basis by the Music Leader and Headteacher.