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Tower Hill Primary School
Library Policy



Tower Hill’s Library is a welcoming and well-resourced area in which children can enjoy books and therefore develop their love of reading. It is well stocked with a range of picture, fiction and non-fiction books aimed to support reading for learning and enjoyment. The library is maintained using a computer system called ‘Junior Librarian’ which can be used to search for books within the library and to scan books in and out.


Aims and Objectives

At Tower Hill Primary School, we strive to provide a library which:

  •   is inviting, welcoming and accessible to all.
  •   will help to promote reading as an enjoyable activity and foster a love of reading which will develop into a habit for life.
  •   will encourage children of all ages to read a variety of books including fiction, non-fiction and picture books.
  •   will provide opportunities for children to develop independent reading and learning skills.
  •   provide a wide range of quality books to support the curriculum needs of all pupils and staff.
  •   will encourage a responsible attitude towards books and the library environment and respect for other library users.
  •   will familiarise children with library routines that will give them a generic understanding of all libraries.
  •   will provide a simple borrowing procedure to enable children to borrow books independently.


The library is organised in the following way:

  • Fiction
    Fiction stock is divided into KSI and KSII appropriate books which are shelved in alphabetical order by author surname, left to right on the shelves.
  • Non-Fiction
    Non-Fiction books are shelved in subject areas.


All fiction and non-fiction books are catalogued on the Junior Librarian computer system. Staff and pupils are able to use this system to retrieve information about books and to check books in and out of the library.


Staffing/Role of the Librarian

  •   The librarian (a member of the Teaching Assistant Team) has dedicated time to carry out a range of tasks and duties to ensure that the library is always accessible for all staff and pupils
  •   The librarian is responsible for ensuring that the library stock is regularly (at least once per term) updated using the School Library Service. The librarian will select new books taking into consideration the school curriculum and the interests of the children.
  •   At the end of each half term, the librarian will compile a list of unreturned books and will follow up these items with the pupils. Reminders of overdue books will be sent home if it is felt necessary.
  •   Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are used as library monitors and supervised by the librarian. Under the supervision of the librarian, the library monitors will help to shelve returned library books, keep the library tidy and undertake other small tasks requested by the librarian.
  •   The Librarian and English Leader have the responsibility for delivering training to all staff members, training pupil librarians and changing and maintaining library displays.


Use of the Library

  •   All children in school will participate in dedicated library sessions on a regular basis led by an adult to learn specific library and reading skills.
  •   Children in KSII may use the library in smaller groups to check out and return library books.


Reading Reward Scheme

  •   All children in school participate in a Reading Reward System which is linked to the school Reading Scheme and Book Band colours. The Reading Reward System is organised and monitored by the English Leader. Children are rewarded for learning and applying new reading skills and when becoming independent readers, they are then rewarded for reading 10, 20, 30, 40 books etc. Children are encouraged to read a range of fiction and non-fiction books from home, class libraries and the school library to earn these rewards.