Egyptian Day!


What the Children Do
Thank you adults and carers for making our day more special with costumes and make up! Don't we look fabulous?
Today (04/11/21) was Year 3's Egyptian Day! We came to school dressed in our most glamorous Egyptian clothing and took part in an amazing workshop! We warmed ourselves up by moving our bodies into different shapes and then we warmed up our voices. After we were warm, we started to transform our school hall into Ancient Egypt! We made a pyramid, showing all of the different and important jobs the Egyptians may have had. Of course, the most important job was being the pharaoh! We then prepared our town for an visit from the new Pharaoh Oliver! We prepared lots of goods for her and then presented them to her! Unfortunately, on her ceremonial walk, she was tripped by the traitor, Serenna. We then had to create a system to allow the water from the Nile to grow lots of crops to make her happy again! After this, we re-enacted the mummification and embalming of Pharaoh Seth! Towards the end of our session, we became Archaeologists and began to search for Tutankhamuns tomb. We followed Howard Carter into the tomb and then heard all of the stories about how he discovered it. Then, he made us jump! We had such a wonderful day and we cannot wait to continue learning about the Egyptians this half term!