Cherry Blossom Poems


What the Children Do
As part of our Spring Music lessons, we have been creating haiku poems, inspired by the Japanese Festival, 'Hanami'. Hanami is a festival to celebrate the beginning of Spring. People gather under cherry blossoms, to eat, drink and listen to music with their friends and family. 
We went outside and created a word bank of descriptive words and phrases to help us write our haiku poems. 
We hope you enjoy reading our poems below. 

Sweet swaying petals

Blowing gently everywhere

A beautiful tree

by Tallulah

Cherry blossom tree

As beautiful as can be

Swaying over me 

by Olivia

Sweet cherry tree

Slowly, swaying in the wind

A beautiful sight

by Olivia-Grace

Fresh floating blossom

Sprinkling gently in the air

Together with me

by Maja

Luscious, sweet petals

Blushing petals, bloom in Spring

Delicate flowers

by Zainab

Spectacular tree

Blowing gently in the wind

Still like a hard rock

by Ben