Awesome Author - Failed Projects


What the Children Do
After reading the Fan Brothers' book 'The Barnabus Project', Year 5 took inspiration to create our own failed projects. We brought them to life using water colours and writing a descriptive poem. 

Standing on a mysterious magic land,

It teleported to Earth, on a bright yellow sand.

As it starts to make it home,

It disguises itself into a walking talking gnome.

As it flies, as if it were a bird,

It finds itself flying above animals in a herd.

Its fire makes it fast,

Making sure that it never comes last!


In huge white walled tunnels,

The lights look like tiny funnels.

Towards the white secure door,

There were footprints on the floor.

You put in the code,

Or it might explode!

You did the code right,

It was Morgan Wright.

Once in the lab, you will see a crab,

Be careful you don’t get grabbed!

Go left down the hallway,

You will see a small doorway.

Inside you will find,

Some creatures that will blow your mind.

Capybahorse, Longcow, and a creature that’s terrifying to see,

Will open your mind into a world of discovery!


In the whispering woods, there were lots of trees.

The giraffe liked to run in the icy breeze.

Emerald leaves are waving like slivering snakes.

With each step you take, the twigs break.

His emerald eye shine really bright,

His fur is black as midnight!


When he runs he is so wild,

When he’s sees a human, he acts like a child!

Smelling like a yellow shining blossom,

But you will never know he is so awesome!

With a body that has lots of black patches,

His feet and neck matches.