Science Week in Petronas

Petronas Class have absolutely loved all the exciting activities that have been going on during Science Week! Here you can find out what they have been up to:
Dinosaur Drool!
After experiencing the Dinosaur Dome on Monday morning, we returned to class to find a mysterious green slime which we soon discovered to be dinosaur drool, yuk! We had a go at making our own slime by mixing glue, shaving foam, bicarbonate of soda and eye drops, and of course green colouring!
Making Parachutes
On Tuesday, Petronas Class teamed up with Petrin Class to investigate air resistance. Miss Stratton set us a challenge to create the best parachute that would help a toy bear reach the ground safely after being dropped from a height. We found out that the larger the parachute's surface area, the greater the air resistance so the bear fell more slowly. We loved working in teams and then watching our final creations being tested outside!
A Visit from Birdworld
On Wednesday afternoon we listened to some visitors from Birdworld. We learnt about different habitats and how certain animals are adapted to suit their habitat. Then we were able to meet some very special guests and were even able to touch or hold them!